Our Horizontal Flow Wrappers

The horizontal flow wrappers performs the flexible packaging of multiple product types. The choice of pack composite film is plentiful. The wrapping machine and food production line are integrated, forming a complete automatic packaging production line.

Automatic Packaging Equipment

Our automatic feeding systems are integrated with flow pack machines to create full packaging lines.This automatic packaging line can be applied for the flexible packaging of food, medicine, hardware and cardboard products. The packaging materials are made up of a wide variety of different films.

About Wenzhou Ruida Machinery
About Wenzhou Ruida Machinery

Established in 1989, Wenzhou Ruida Machinery Co. is a producer of packaging equipment serving many industries, including the production of food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and more. We specialize in horizontal flow wrappers and automatic packaging production lines. These pieces of equipment will maximize your packaging efficiency while also optimizing the quality of your packaged goods. We offer a full selection of standardized packing machines but if you cannot find what you need, we can work with you to customize packaging equipment that will satisfy your requirements.